Kantasa Construction is a team of experienced and qualified forming carpenters. We are a construction formwork team building column, footing, slab forms, and wall forms. Complete attention to the details is our specialty. We are using specialized forming methods for different types of constructions and renovations. Right from the type of material till the construction of the concrete forms, our services are of premium quality.

Kantasa is a pool of talented construction formwork professionals who construct forms for all types of structures and concrete buildings. Forming is a fundamental part of any construction. Regardless of the structure, our structural concrete work is technically sophisticated too. With years of experience, we have created a niche in providing excellent customer care oriented forming services in Canada. The latest cutting edge methods and designs are used for forming the base ground of the buildings. The knowledge of all type of concrete to construct forms help us to give best services.

Why Kantasa Construction for Forming Work

We specialize in quick forming work in Vancouver and also offer services in other regions. While we are proudly holding a network of happy clients, we would also welcome you to try our services. We are popular among our clients for our excellence and reliability. Features of our forming work include:


1. Concrete formwork for all types of buildings. Our market sector includes commercial, industrial, civil, residential, and institutional buildings.
2. Our vast experience in completing a wide range of projects in Canada
3. Strong communicating and reporting abilities
4. Strong network of suppliers and traders for quick delivery of the best quality materials
5. Core competency in creating exceptional forming solutions
6. Affordable price for formwork design as well installation

Getting a project off the ground is the most challenging and significant task. All our assigned projects are about risk elimination and making it successful.

Types of Formwork and Concrete Form

Formwork in the construction comes in different types:

1. Traditional timber formwork
2. Engineered forming (with a metal frame)
3. Re-usable plastic form work
4. Permanent insulated assembled on site
5. Flexible formwork
6. Low-cost solutions delivered in required timeframe

Full attention to the details like concrete curing and placing is given to guarantee the customer satisfaction. Though considered a robust industry, we take all care to offer after sale support to our customers. We also take all care in offering customized solutions to fulfil the need of our clients.

Kantasa Constructions is offering a comprehensive range of concrete forming services. Every element of the design and installation and placing is handled with a great care. With excellence in our forming, renovation, and framing services, we make sure that the future of the construction is very bright.

Safety is always the first priority when it comes to construction. A strong forming makes the entire building durable and safe. Formwork implements the concrete to support the whole structure. As a professional formwork contractors in Vancouver, we provide exact formation to a building with expertise and caution.


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